Some of our publications and reports.

Annual reports can be requested by phone or email

Other publications may be available from our office in a variety of formats. We may need to charge for supplying some items.

If you need help or more information.  Tel :0191 250 1969 or email

Voluntary Action by Barry Knight - available in pdf format. Send us a request via email

Foundation for Civil Society Working Papers by Barry Knight and Peter Stokes, except paper 5 Matthew Smerdon

Paper 1: The Deficit in Civil Society
Paper 2: Organising Civil Society
Paper 3: Community Development and Civil Society
Paper 4: Civil Society and Public Policy
Paper 5: William Beveridge and Social Advance

Building Civil Society by Barry Knight, Matthew Smerdon, Cathy Pharoah publisher Charities Aid Foundation

Reviving Democracy: Citizens at the Heart of Governance by Barry Knight, Hope Chigudu, Rajesh Tandon publisher Earthscan for the Commonwealth Foundation

Pathways for Change - A Task Force Consultation Paper

Unravelling the Maze by Andrew Milner

The Value and Independence of the Voluntary and Community Sector by Barry Knight and Sue Robson. A report for a consortium of 6 UK funders.


Reviewing Services for Carers in the North East by Barry Knight and Allan Sked, publisher: CENTRIS for Northern Rock Foundation

Breaking the Silence by Barry Knight, Allan Sked, Jan Garrill, publisher: CENTRIS

Refugee Settlement: Can Communities Cope by Maknun Gameledin-Ashami, Libby Cooper and Barry Knight


We would be happy to supply our annual reports to anyone who may be interested in them. Please contact us to request a copy or copies for the relevant year.