Institutional Philanthropy

We have long had programmes designed to support foundations.  This has taken several dimensions.


For the past ten years, CENTRIS has supported Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace

an initiative to encourage philanthropists to concentrate on issues of inequality in our societies. We have acted as fiscal sponsor for the group, both receiving and distributing grants.   We have also supported Foundations for Peace over a similar period and in the past year assisted them with two publications to celebrate their 10-year anniversary.


We have also collaborated closely with WINGS, producing a landmark report for them:

Infrastructure in Focus: A New Global Picture of Organizations Serving Philanthropy

report and an evaluation system based on “4Cs”. During the year, we have produced a guidance report on grantmaking called Grantmaking for Social Justice and Peace: Approaches drawn from Shared Practice.


We have recently written an article about philanthropy in emerging market economies called Does philanthropy need a new story?