Rethinking poverty: What makes a good society

In September 2017, we launched Rethinking Poverty: What Makes a Good Society at the LSE The book give the findings a five-year programme for the Webb Memorial Trust to envisage what a good society without poverty would look like.  This has involved multiple research assignments, publications, partnerships, and conferences, as well as the development of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty.

Despite the closure, the work will continue with three dimensions to


1. Create new narratives on
a) A new model of the economy
b) The prevention of poverty through education
c) The role of the state
d) The role of community development


2. Connect promising approaches
Our research has located promising approaches, which, if scaled up, promise to develop a good society without poverty. We will work to disseminate these and connect them together in a new configuration, and to join up UK experience with international work.


3. Convene key people and initiatives
We will bring key people together to consider what can be learned about building a good society from the first two sets of activities