An independent charity committed to the identification and development of innovative social policy and practice.
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Current priorities are:

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The organisation

Since its inception, CENTRIS has completed more than 300 successful projects involving more than 50 different funders, including the Ford Foundation, C.S. Mott Foundation, Bertelsmann Foundation, European Foundation Centre, Charities Aid Foundation, South Africa, Commonwealth Foundation, Greater New Orleans Foundation, British Government, British Embassies, British Council, WINGS and many others.

CENTRIS was established in 1988. Its mission is to support innovative social policy and practice. Its method is to work with partners active in the field to develop solutions to social issues, through a mixture of research and innovative initiatives

Its constitution describes charitable objects “for the benefit of the public to advance education, to promote the relief of sickness and the preservation of health and to promote the relief of poverty, in particular by promoting research into the role individual self-awareness, self-development and personal responsibility in these fields, and the dissemination of the useful results of that research”.


  • Roy Evans
  • Hélène Turner
  • Andrew Webster


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  • Caroline Hartnell
  • Gemma Lawrence

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